She-Hulk Leaked for Marvel’s Avengers in Embarrassingly Awkward Xbox Stream

by Diego Perez


Whoops! It looks like She-Hulk will be the next hero joining the Marvel’s Avengers roster based on an unfortunate slip-up on a recent Xbox stream. Marvel’s Avengers is sometimes streamed on the official Xbox Twitch channel with special guests, and actor TechniqTV joined Crystal Dynamics lead designer Brian Waggoner on the most recent broadcast. The pair were leveling up Thor and Jane Foster, the game’s newest addition, when TechniqTV decide to share a fun fact that isn’t yet publicly known.

“A funny fact about She-Hulk,” said TechniqTV on stream. “I don’t know if I can say this, I think it was public knowledge.” As you can probably tell, what TechniqTV would go on to say was not, in fact, public knowledge.

“My acting coach is actually the voice of She-Hulk and I won’t say her name because I don’t know if that was public knowledge yet — I think it is, it was announced,” he continued. A defeated Brian Waggoner then replied, “Nope, nope, we never announced She-Hulk.” You can see the full clip below.

She-Hulk has been a rumored DLC character for Marvel’s Avengers since before the game even launched alongside other Marvel staples like the Winter Soldier, War Machine, and more. Several references to Jennifer Walters have already been datamined for Marvel’s Avengers, indicating that she will be joining Crystal Dynamics’ version of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes very soon.

A few months ago, a leaker claimed that She-Hulk will be voiced by actress Krizia Bajos when she is added to Marvel’s Avengers. Bajos then retweeted the post and added a green heart emoji, which fans took as an indirect confirmation that she would be the voice of Walters in the game. Most fans of the game figured that She-Hulk would be the game’s next major addition following Spider-Man and Black Panther given that her Disney Plus series is set to premiere soon, but the recent release of Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, threw all that speculation out the window.

Marvel’s Avengers just can’t seem to catch a break following its rocky launch, with updates sometimes breaking more than they fix and a lack of communication upsetting fans. Still, the game’s most recent patches have done a lot to establish a somewhat engaging gameplay loop that has held some players’ attention, at least enough to warrant Crystal Dynamics pumping out new MCU skins in the marketplace every now and then.

Following the awkward exchange with TechniqTV, Waggoner said “We’re working on our next hero… there will be a time for that.” He then went on to elaborate that the team is currently celebrating the release of Jane Foster and gathering community feedback. While it’ll most likely be some time before the next hero is added to Marvel’s Avengers, expect to see Jennifer Walters join the team sometime in the next few months.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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