Best Lightfall PvE Weapons in Destiny 2

It's a new day offering new Light.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 Lightfall has introduced a lot of excellent weapons that work well in PvE. Though the absolute best PvE weapons in Destiny 2 are Osteo Striga, Calus Mini-Tool, and Witherhoard, if you are looking for the best Lightfall PvE weapons, you’ve come to the right place.

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Best Destiny 2 Lightfall PvE Kinetic Weapons

  1. Final Warning Exotic Sidearm
  2. Verglas Curve Exotic Bow
  3. Quicksilver Storm Exotic Auto Rifle
  4. Synchronic Roulette Legendary Submachine Gun

It’s no surprise the best Lightfall PvE Kinetic weapons are all Exotics. Once you have Final Warning, it is arguably the best weapon to pair with your best Strand build. The same can be said about Quicksilver Storm which is a solid Auto Rifle, but becomes even better after completing the Catalyst.

Verglas Curve is a quick and easy get in Destiny 2 Lightfall and it is rock solid. Creating Stasis Crystals on the battlefield is fun and functional. Lastly, the Synchronic Roulette is a Strand Submachine Gun that works great with Strand and on its own.

Best Destiny 2 Lightfall PvE Energy Weapons

  1. Ecliptic Distaff Legendary Glaive
  2. Iterative Loop Legendary Fusion Rifle
  3. Prodigal Return Legendary Grenade Launcher

Ecliptic Distaff is the masterwork weapon for Season of Defiance which makes it the best new energy weapon available in Lightfall. After that, Iterative Loop is a solid Fusion Rifle that you can God Roll after extracting enough patterns.

Lightfall ushers in the Grenade Launcher meta and Prodigal Return is a solid choice. While there are four different Grenade Launcher options to choose from in Lightfall, Prodigal Return is solid for those looking for something lightweight.

Best Destiny 2 Lightfall PvE Power Weapons

  1. Dimensional Hypotrochoid Legendary Grenade Launcher
  2. Deterministic Chaos Exotic Machine Gun
  3. Caretaker Legendary Sword

Dimensional Hypotrochoid is easily accessed through the Lightfall campaign, can be crafted into the perfect God Roll, and rips through enemies thanks to the Compressed Wave Frame. Next is Deterministic Chaos which, when unlocked, works great with Void builds.

Lastly, Caretaker is a great Solar Sword for those looking to get up close and personal. There are many great Power weapons in Lightfall, but these are a couple of the best options.

- This article was updated on March 2nd, 2023