Best Sons of the Forest Mods

Could you do with a little extra help?

by Kara Phillips
Sons of the Forest
Image: Endnight Games

Even though Sons of the Forest is a tense yet enjoyable experience straight from download, there’s no denying that a number of features could be enhanced through modding to make your life a little easier. Survival on the island is a challenge in itself, so a little extra help through things like autosave and inventory planning goes a long way, and there’s no shame in that. We’ve narrowed down the top ten mods available for Sons of the Forest, which could help you survive slightly longer.

Top 10 Mods for Sons of the Forest

There are only a select few mods currently available for the game, most of which revolve around Quality of Life improvement and reshading the graphics. Yet, they still make all the difference when you’re up against the world in this survival horror. So, if you’re looking to take your experience one step further, read on to discover the top 10 mods for Sons of the Forest.

SotF Autosave

With a game so heavily reliant on acting fast and carefully, there’s a high chance you’ll often forget to save, which can be pretty integral to your process. However, with the SotF Autosave mod, you won’t have to remember the last time you saved constantly, and the mod will automatically trigger a save every five minutes. It’s a simple addition and won’t necessarily be groundbreaking to your gaming experience, but it helps when caught in a sticky situation.

Faster Inventory Planning

Faster Inventory Planning is an essential Quality of Life feature every gamer should apply to their save. Rather than spending a lot of time sifting through your inventory to prepare and plan the next day of survival, this mod increases the speed of the camera pan, cursor, and FOV. It’s the best way to save valuable time and sort things quickly and efficiently to return to the core gameplay.

Every Item in Backpack

For a bit of a more significant leg up to get to grips with the survival side of Sons of the Forest, the Every Item in Backpack mod skips the need to gather and collect resources or materials. Instead, every item is available from the beginning of the game to save you any stress of having to risk your life trying to find valuable resources. Instead, you can just enjoy the exploration side of the title and central storyline without worrying about the limited materials the environment offers.

Simple Zoom

The Simple Zoom mod is pretty much what it says on the tin, allowing you to zoom in slightly to check out your surroundings or look for any oncoming enemies from a reasonable distance. So if you’re exploring a new area or looking down from a height, this mod ensures you won’t plunge yourself into any unsavory circumstances. It also helps identify what exactly you’re looking at, too, without needing to get too close.

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Low-End PC Optimization

If you’re rocking an aging setup, this Low-End PC Optimization allows you to experience Sons of the Forest without worrying about anything corrupting or crashing during gameplay. Sons of the Forest is a pretty intense game for an older setup due to how much is on screen and moving at one time, so if you’ve had some noticeable issues with your PC’s performance, this mod will combat that and make the most of your experience with the game.

Environment Restoration

Environment Restoration is essential for any crafting-oriented player who relies heavily on what the surrounding environment offers. Rather than exhausting the materials on offer and making you trek to source your next bunch, this mod will restore any element of the environment that’s destroyed, be it vegetation or trees or anything like that. It makes survival and materials slightly more accessible when you need them most without reducing the entire challenge of the game.

0 Day and Full Inventory

Compared to the little help of the Environment Restoration mod, the 0 Day and Full Inventory Mod are more of a helping hand for a concerned player who struggles to get to grips with the first night of survival. Rather than being left to your own devices following the crash, you’ll start a save with a complete inventory of valuable items to help yourself get set up and survive the first day at least.

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Let There Be Light

If you struggle with visibility during the night or in dark caves, and you don’t have a flashlight to hand to assist the journey, the Let There Be Light mod enhances the brightness of your game to make things easier to see when it’s dark and evade any potential threats in the shadows. It’s a small Quality of Life improvement and isn’t too noticeable during daylight hours, but it can be beneficial when the seasons change and the nights become longer.

Color and Clarity Reshade

If you’re looking to enhance the visuals of Sons of the Forest from where they currently stand, the Color and Clarity Reshade mod increases the brightness of particular objects to make the entire experience clearer and more immersive, and enjoyable. Instead of changing visuals entirely, since Sons of the Forest already has a reasonably impressive environment, it builds upon the foundations to help make things even more immersive for your survival adventure.


The entire map of Sons of the Forest is incredibly intimidating for a new player, and it’s hard to explore the entire thing in a single sitting to find the best place to set up your base or even find the next location to discover. Luckily, with the Flight mod, you can take to the skies to get a birds-eye view of the entire location. It’s significantly faster than walking, and you’ll be able to identify which locations are riddled with hostility to mark where to avoid or which locations you want to set up your base in.

- This article was updated on March 3rd, 2023