Best Wand Cores in Hogwarts Legacy

What core will you pick?

by Noah Nelson

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with things you get to pick like your house, your broom, and yes, even the core of your wand. When you are done determining how flexible you want your wand to be, what wand core in Hogwarts Legacy should you pick?

What is the Best Wand Core in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are only three wand cores to choose from. You can select Dragon Heartstring, Unicorn Hair, or Phoenix Feather. If you want the best wand build in the game, you’ll want to know what each core does and what makes them different.

…well, sorry to break it to you, but there is no in-game statistical difference between the three wand cores. Much like everything else in Hogwarts Legacy, the wand core is a choice solely there to help you tell the story you want to tell and be who you want to be. This means that you can be your own unique person or even try to make a Dumbledore build.

For your convenience, here is what makes each wand core different from the others. Remember, these differences are only flavor for the game and don’t provide any actual gameplay advantages or disadvantages.

  • Dragon Heartstring – The Dragon Heartstring has a lot of potential power. However, in the wrong hands, a Dragon Heartstring wand can become unstable.
  • Unicorn Hair – A wand with a Unicorn Hair core is the most consistent of all the wand cores. It isn’t as strong as Dragon Heartstring, but produces more dazzling and more consistent results.
  • Phoenix Feather – Wands with a Phoneix Feather core have the best magical range. Great magical results can happen to wizards and witches with a Phoenix Feather core.

In my opinion, the Phoenix Feather is the best core since it is capable of great power and Harry Potter himself had a Phoenix Feather wand. The second best would be Dragon Heartstring, but that core is more for dark witches and wizards. Lastly, Unicorn Hair is good for charms and transfigurations.

But what wand core will you pick? Remember, you get to write your own legacy in this game.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 13th, 2023