Genshin Impact: How to Drain the Sumeru Water and Unlock Fragment of Childhood Dreams Domain

Here's how to reach the underwater teleport waypoint and domain in Genshin Impact 3.0.

by Diego Perez


While exploring the new Sumeru region in Genshin Impact 3.0, you may come across a pool of water that is blocking the entrance to the Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain. There’s a teleport waypoint at the bottom of the pool of water in the Vissudha Field region of Sumeru, so you can obviously get down there somehow. The question is: how?

There’s an elaborate puzzle involved in draining this pool of water so you can explore more of the Sumeru region, and lowering the water level will grant access to the nearby Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain as well. We hope you’re ready to put your new Dendro characters to good use, because you’ll need them to drain the Sumeru water pool and unlock the Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain in Genshin Impact 3.0.

How to Get the Underwater Teleport Waypoint in Sumeru in Genshin Impact

The key to lowering the water level and accessing the underwater teleport waypoint in Sumeru is following a Seelie that can be found at the top of the nearby waterfall.


The Seelie is floating in plain sight, but you’ll have to defeat a handful of enemies in order to unlock it. Thankfully, these enemies are no match for new characters like Collei or Tighnari, and they won’t be much trouble for classic characters either.

Once the enemies have been slain and you have freed the Seelie, follow it down to the pool of water. Take care not to drown! This Seelie is going to take you on a rather long swim.


Follow the Seelie all the way through the flooded cave tunnel. If you find yourself low on stamina, seek solid ground on a stray branch if you can. If you drown, the Seelie will remain where you last left it.

How to Solve the Dendro Pillar Puzzle in the Cave

Eventually, the Seelie will lead you to a cave at the end of the tunnel. This cave contains a bunch of enemies that you can make quick work of. After dispatching your foes, search the area for several Dendro elemental pillars. There are four of them in total.


Most of them are hidden underneath Dendro rocks that require Dendrogranum to destroy. If you haven’t used Dendrogranum to destroy rocks before, it’s an easy process. Just pick up three of them from a nearby dispenser (look for floating green particles near a small stone) and then use a ranged shot or a charged attack to send them at your target.

When a Dendrogranum hits one of those cracked rocks marked with a green Dendro icon, it’ll shatter and reveal an elemental pillar. At that point, just use a Dendro attack to activate it. Rinse and repeat for every pillar until the switch in the center of the cave unlocks.

How to Get Past the Green Dendro Wall

The final elemental pillar is hard to reach, however, because it’s locked behind a giant green Dendro wall. To access it, you have to crawl through a small opening in the wall to the left of the green blockade. You can see the (tiny) opening in the image below.


Once you shimmy into the closed off area and activate the final Dendro pillar, the switch in the middle of the room will unlock. Interact with the mechanism to drain the water, revealing the previously inaccessible teleport waypoint and opening up more of the region to explore! That’s not all though, because you can now make your way to the underground Fragment of Childhood Dreams domain.

How to Unlock the Fragment of Childhood Dreams Domain in Genshin Impact

After activating the mechanism and draining the water, jump down into the previously submerged area. Once you drop down, you’ll find another mechanism that will open a circular door that’s not too far from the first switch.

Enter the door and climb up the ruined walls in front of you. You’ll come across a few enemies, so take them out along the way. Eventually, you’ll come to a deep pit that drops straight down. The domain is located on a ledge directly underneath you when you first reach the pit.


Glide down to find the domain’s entrance blocked by a large square stone. To remove the stone and access the domain, use the nearby Dendrogranum and shoot the floating green Dendro target in the pit with a ranged attack. After shooting the first one, a second target will emerge. Shoot the second target with a Dendrogranum and the domain will be unlocked.


There are plenty of other secrets to uncover in the Sumeru region, so you may not want to enter this domain right at this second. That’s understandable, so make sure to interact with the domain when it becomes available to unlock it as a fast travel point so you can access it more easily in the future.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices.

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