How to Get Destiny 2 Year in Review (The Witch Queen, 2022)

You had HOW many raid clears this year?

by Tom Cunliffe
Image: Bungie

Year Five of Destiny 2 has been action-packed, full of surprises, and an overall breath of fresh air for the franchise. From swashbuckling with alien pirates to taking down a god or two, our Guardians have certainly been busy.

To commemorate the conclusion of Year Five, Bungie is sending out Destiny 2 Year in Review emails to players, detailing their accomplishments from the beginning of The Witch Queen to the end of Season of the Seraph. If your inbox looks emptier than the sky above The Tower right now, read on to find out how you can bask in your own victories.

How to Get a Destiny 2 Year in Review Email

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Bungie

To receive your Destiny 2 Year in Review email, you must ensure that you have opted in to Bungie’s email communications. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Visit and sign in.
  • Select your profile picture in the top right corner and then Settings.
  • Select Email and SMS from the menu on the left.
  • Ensure that “I allow Bungie to email me about news and updates as well as tailored messaging on social media.” and “I allow Bungie to email me about and Destiny service emails.” are checked.
  • Select Save Settings.

With these settings saved, you will receive your Destiny 2 Year in Review email annually, along with reminders of new season launches, promotional offers, and more. You can unsubscribe from these at any time if they prove to be too much.

If you haven’t opted in to marketing communications, it is likely too late to receive your Witch Queen Year in Review, but at least you’ll be prepared for next year.

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What is Destiny 2 Year in Review?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Bungie

Destiny 2 Year in Review is an annual email sent by Bungie that contains information on how you’ve played in the last twelve months. As Destiny years start at the beginning of an expansion, this year’s Year in Review summarises February 22, 2022, to February 22, 2023.

The email includes your favorite Exotic Weapons (based on enemies defeated), a breakdown of time spent between each class, your highest ranks from each season, your Dungeon, Raid, and Trial Clears, your most used emblems, and your “best Fireteam.”

Bungie encourages players to share their stats on Twitter with the hashtag ‘#Destiny2YearinReview,’ but if you want to keep to yourself how much time you’ve spent spamming Witherhoard on your Titan, we won’t tell.

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- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023