Where to Get All Version Exclusive Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

Discover where to find all exclusive Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet!

by Marc Magrini

Scarlet and Violet are two versions of the same Pokémon game. While this doesn’t necessarily mean as much as it did in previous generations, it still means that players will encounter different creatures depending on their preferred version. This goes beyond the newly-introduced Paradox Pokémon, as there are still plenty of exclusives that can be found as early as the first few areas of each game. Those looking to complete the Pokédex should know about all exclusive Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet — including where they can be found.

All Pokémon Exclusive to Either Scarlet or Violet and Where to Get Them

Each version-exclusive Pokémon has its own counterpart, usually relating to its typing, evolutions, or being exclusive in previous games. Some of these counterparts will share the same habitats. For example, Scarlet players will always find Larvitar in the same places a Violet player would find Bagon. To keep things simple, Scarlet-exclusives will be in bold while Violet-exclusives will be in italics.

Pokémon with Similar-Habitat Counterparts

  • Larvitar and Bagon can be found in caves throughout Paldea. One of the earliest places you can find them is in South Province (Area Five) just before the river that separates the grassy location with the rocky one. You should notice a striking mountainous location where one of the purple Ominous Stakes is located. Search around this area and you should be able to find a Larvitar or Bagon for yourself!
    • Pupitar and Shelgon can be obtained by evolving either Larvitar or Bagon at level 30, though they can also be found in Alfornada Cavern. Tyranitar can only be obtained through Raid Battles or evolution at level 55. The same goes for Salamence, but that evolves at level 50 instead.
  • Drifloon and Misdreavus can also be found fairly early on. Unlike Larvitar and Bagon, they commonly appear all throughout the region. You can easily find them in the western portion of Paldea. Just be aware that they only appear at night, so make sure the time of day is correct before you go hunting for them!
    • Drifblim and Mismagius can be obtained at nighttime in mid-game areas like Alfornada Cavern. They can also be obtained through evolution, but the methods through which they evolve are notably different. Drifloon evolves when reaching level 28 while Misdreavus needs a Dusk Stone to become Mismagius.
  • Skrelp and Clauncher are found in the outer oceans of Paldea. You might have better luck searching for them in the eastern, northern, and western portions of the region. Their habitats don’t match perfectly, but they’re similar enough that you’re more still likely to find them in the same areas.
    • Dragagle and Clawitzer are more commonly found in the northernmost region of Paldea’s ocean. You can also evolve Skrelp at level 48 and Clauncher at level 37, respectively.
  • Oranguru and Passimian are found in the Tagtree Thicket in the northeast.
  • Tauros (Blaze Breed) and Tauros (Aqua Breed) can be found with other normal Tauros, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find these unique variants in the same locations. Your best bet is to head to Asado Desert and look for groups of Tauros. If you find one with special horns, that’s your version-exclusive breed!
  • The Paradox Pokémon of each game are all found in Area Zero. Great Tusk and Iron Treads can also be encountered as one of the Titans and can be caught as former Titans later on. Many of the other Paradox Pokémon can be found throughout the endgame area, though some are only common in specific places.
    • Sandy Shocks and Iron Thorns can be found near Research Stations 1 and 2, on top of cliffs and other rocky elevations.
    • Slither Wing and Iron Moth can be found in the grassy areas between Research Stations 1 and 2.
    • Flutter Mane and Iron Jugulis can be found in the caverns of Area Zero, particularly near Research Station 4.
    • Roaring Moon and Iron Valiant can be found in a very specific cave near Research Station 3.
  • Obviously, Koraidon and Miraidon are found in the same areas at the start and end of the game. You can get a second one of these Legendary Pokémon at the bottom of Area Zero after story completion, but you can only get the one that corresponds to your version. In other words, when all is said and done, you’ll either have two Koraidons or two Miraidons.

Other Version-Exclusive Pokémon

  • Armarouge and Ceruledge are technically not version-exclusives, but their respective items are. You can only get the evolution item by trading ten Bronzor Fragments or ten Sinistea chips to a woman in Zapapico. Their pre-evolution, Charcadet, can be found all throughout Paldea as a very rare spawn.
  • Stunky and Gulpin can be found relatively close to each other. Stunky is more likely to be near South Province (Area Five) while Gulpin is more easily found in South Province (Area Three) a bit further north.
    • Both Skuntank and Swalot can be found at Casseroya Lake. Players can also evolve Stunky at level 34 or Gulpin at level 26 to get their final forms.
  • Deino is most easily found in Alfornada Cavern. Its evolution, Zweilous, is very scarce outside of Area Zero, so you should simply try to evolve it at level 50 — and then evolve it into Hydreigon at level 64. Dreepy can be found all throughout Paldea, though it’s most commonly found near water. One of the earliest places you can find it is the East Province in both Area Two and Area Three. Drakloak can also be obtained through a level 50 evolution, but it’s easily found in Casseroya Lake. Dragagle can only be obtained through Drakloak’s evolution at level 60.
  • Stonjourner is located throughout Asado Desert while Eiscue is found in the ocean surrounding the northernmost parts of Paldea.

Before hunting the Pokémon exclusive to Scarlet and Violet, you should make sure you improve your exploration abilities. Quite a few of these exclusives can only be found by climbing mountains or exploring deep waters, meaning you won’t get far if you try to hunt all of these down at the very start of the game. You can also trade exclusive Pokémon with other players, so try to get a couple of extras to have an easier time completing the Pokédex!

Pokémon aren’t the only things exclusive to Scarlet and Violet. Player uniforms and even teams used by the final bosses are different depending on which version you play. If you still haven’t decided on which version to get, keep these changes in mind before starting your journey through Paldea!

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are Nintendo Switch exclusives.

- This article was updated on January 27th, 2023