Come On and Slam With This Leaked Multiversus Space Jam Stage Theme

Hey you, whatcha gonna do once this track lands into MultiVersus?

by Shaun Cichacki


Now that LeBron James has made his way into MultiVersus, gamers can’t get enough of him and his unique moveset. While some players may think he is overpowered, others think that he is severely low-tier, but one thing that we can all admit is that the upcoming Spac Jam music for the game is the best thing to happen to this platform fighter yet.

While the orchestral hits that the game offers have all been quite nice to listen to as you pummel your opponents into the stratosphere, this leaked soundtrack is bound to help you slam better than ever. In the game that doesn’t seem to stop giving, @multiversusie has leaked the Space Jam OST that is coming to the game, and ’90s kids have something to look forward to when it hits its full peak.

The devs at the MultiVersus office seem to be fully ready to lean into the memes, with plenty of references to fall in line with. You’ll even be able to unleash an expletive bubble with LeBron, with him throwing his arms out and causing major damage while emulating his famous “Pass the Ball” pose. And while Space Jam 2 may not have been the most widely loved film in the franchise, seeing this come into the light is something that will bring a tear to everyone’s eye when they remember the better days.

With the addition of Rick and Morty shortly, it seems that all bets are off on who is going to make it into the game. To make the trifecta perfect, maybe a certain character who knows how to Break Bad can make a special appearance, to make millions of fans happy.

While the memes seem to be coming in with plenty of strides, make sure that you’re checking into our MultiVersus Guide Section, so you’re able to hold your own against the army of LeBrons that you come across online. You’ll be able to find the best perks for your favorite characters, more information about the plethora of characters coming into the game, and if you’re able to play the game with the GameCube controller or Steam Deck, for party action on the go!

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