Best Defenders to Use in Pokemon GO

Find out who you should keep in a Gym in Pokemon GO!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking for a great way to make some extra coins in Pokemon GO, defending a gym is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make this happen. As you leave Pokemon in them after defeating their current residents or leavintaken-overra Pokemon in an already taken over gym, you’ll start to accumulate some extra cash quickly.

However, finding the perfect Pokemon to leave in a gym may be a difficult task, so let’s dive in and see who the best options overall may be. Here are the Top 10 Defenders to leave in a Gym in Pokemon GO!

Best Defenders In Pokemon GO

10. Drifblim


If you’re looking for a strong defender that you can get your hands on easily, Drifblim is great not only for thse lookingfor for decent attack stats, but also great defense in the overall scheme of things. Pairing Drifblim with the attackaan Hex and Shadow Ball, you’ll have a easy time holding onto a gym for a bit longer than normal.

  • Max CP – 2,382
  • Max HP – 258
  • Attack – 180
  • Defense – 102
  • Stamina – 312

9. Gyarados


If you don’t mind putting in some extra work to get your hands on one of these Pokemon, Gyrados is another great twofer, offering excellent attack potential, as well as the ability to absorb quite a bit of damage before biting the dust. Pair Gyarados with Waterfall and Outrage to help you hold onto a Gym better than ever before.

  • Max CP – 3,391
  • Max HP – 182
  • Attack – 237
  • Defense – 186
  • Stamina – 216

8. Dragonite


Dragonite is a great overall attacker but also can take quite a bit of damage, making him another great choice for both sides of the coin. While there are other Pokemon that are much stronger than this one, if you pair it with Dragon Tail and Outrage, you’ll find a very capable defender. Its overall ease of obtainment puts Dragonite up on this list at a higher spot.

  • Max CP – 3,792
  • Max HP – 177
  • Attack – 263
  • Defense – 198
  • Stamina – 209

7. Togekiss


Togekiss is one of the rare examples in Pokemon that the more adorable they get, the more deadly they are. Not only are they great here, they’re also a great choice for PVP battles, especially if you pair them up with Charm and Dazzling Gleam. You’ll be ready to take down many different foes quickly using Togekiss, so get to work on finding one as soon as you can!

  • Max CP – 3,332
  • Max HP – 168
  • Attack – 225
  • Defense – 217
  • Stamina – 198

6. Garchomp


Normally, Garchomp is going to be used on an Attackers list, but with their stellar Stamina and damage-causing capabilities, you’ll find yourself in a good spot if you’ve got a Garchomp defending your gym. Paired up with Dragon Tail and Outrage, you’ll be able to withstand just about any attacker, and make sure that you’re causing some great damage to those challenging you as well.

  • Max CP – 3,962
  • Max HP – 200
  • Attack – 261
  • Defense – 193
  • Stamina – 239

5. Snorlax


While their attack points may not be the highest on this list, their Stamina is one of the highest around, allowing you to absorb damage like no other. However, pairing up this loveable lard with attacks like Zen Headbutt and Outrage, you’ll be ready to take down some opponents while you rest comfortably in the gym that you’ve taken over.

  • Max CP – 3,225
  • Max HP – 272
  • Attack – 190
  • Defense – 169
  • Stamina – 330

4. Milotic


Milotic is a very well-rounded Pokemon, with fairly even stats across the board. However, pairing it with Waterfall and Blizzard you’ll find yourself in a good spot, especially if you’re looking for a Pokemon that can cause some good damage while being able to withstand a fair bit of punishment itself. Its small weakness list helps it stand above some of the others on this list, as well.

  • Max CP – 3,005
  • Max HP – 182
  • Attack – 192
  • Defense – 219
  • Stamina – 216

3. Slaking


With the highest CP in the game, alongside some great stats, you’ll have one heck of a defender when you’re using Slaking. Pair them up with Yawn and Play Rough to have a great damage potential, as well as the ability to absorb a great amount of damage. However, Slaking is just a small portion behind the leaders of this list.

  • Max CP – 4,431
  • Max HP – 236
  • Attack – 290
  • Defense – 266
  • Stamina – 284

2. Metagross


Metagross takes second place in the best defenders list, mainly because of their typing and their attack list, allowing them to deal massive damage while also dealing massive damage. There’s a reason this metal monster is so highly sought after, and pairing it with Zen headbutt and Meteor Mash will provide you many hours in even the most hotly contested gyms around.

  • Max CP – 3,791
  • Max HP – 162
  • Attack – 257
  • Defense – 228
  • Stamina – 190

1. Blisey


If you’re looking for a defensive powerhouse, you will not find anyone better in the game than Blissey. However, while they may be able to take a tremendous amount of damage, that’s about all they are good for, as their attack is quite lacking. If you’re looking to waste your opponent’s time, as well as survive almost any onslaught, you’ll need Blissey on your team. Pair them up with Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam to wear your opponents down even further.

  • Max CP – 2,757
  • Max HP – 403
  • Attack – 129
  • Defense – 169
  • Stamina – 496

And there we have it, all of the best defenders in Pokemon GO! If you’re looking for help in Pokemon GO, make sure that you’re checking out our Pokemon GO Guide Section, where we cover a plethora of different topics, from the best Pokemon to bring into the Great, Ultra, and Master Leagues, to all of the Special Research Tasks and Field Research Tasks that you’ll find happening during the Pokemon GO 6th Anniversary EventAlso keep yourself posted on the upcoming Spotlight Hour events, as well as the Startly Community Day.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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