The Best Field Upgrades in Modern Warfare 2, Ranked

Use one of the higher-ranked Field Upgrades to top off your builds.

by Elliott Gatica


Field Upgrades are a different way to diversify your loadouts in Modern Warfare 2. They are like perks, but with cooldown times on them. These will also shake up the kind of playstyle you go for, and can greatly benefit the current situation you’re in. Because of this, there will be some that are more favorable than others. So, we’re ranking the best field upgrades in the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2. We’ll also break down why each one goes in the tier they’re in.

The Best Field Upgrades in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked From Worst to Best

These are the best field upgrades to use in your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 loadout.


Dead Silence

While it was the premier perk to use to rack up those killstreaks back in the day, Dead Silence is still a field upgrade. It may come as a disappointment to some, but it’s still extremely useful in stealthy scenarios. The field upgrade also recharges quite rapidly, making it readily available several times in a match.

Portable Radar

This is basically a pocket UAV. The Portable Radar is good, especially on maps you’re unfamiliar with or with several entrances and openings to your given location. Since maps are looking to be more on the larger side because of some vertical options, this can help you cover areas that you may not be paying attention to.

Battle Rage

Become the Juggernaut with this perk. Since the TTK is so short in MW2, you can give yourself just a bit more survivability. It’s good in a pinch since it does have a longer cooldown time compared to the previously mentioned field upgrades.


Munitions Box

If you’re very particular about your loadout and getting your scorestreaks/killstreaks, you don’t want to pick someone else’s gun off the ground and keep going. You like your setup because it caters specifically to your play style. That’s where the Munitions Box can save your hide. It’ll also help teammates who want to add more to their existing ammo pools. Of course, you’ll lose the reserve ammo if you die, so it’s still a very minimal tradeoff for something with high utility.


Deployable Cover

Let’s face it, camping will always exist in Call of Duty. The Deployable Cover is a camper’s best friend, walling them off from gunfire and giving them just that much more to hide behind while waiting for unfortunate souls to get picked off. It’ll definitely be a tough one to choose with the Munitions Box also being in the mix.

Tactical Insertion

This is one of the best things to use in objective-based modes. The enemy team will have a general idea of where you’re coming from, so you can throw them off with a tac-insert. Though it can be spotted if not deployed hidden enough, it’ll help make the push you need to score.

Suppression Mine

Another good tool to cover your six. While a lot more niche in its uses, the Suppression Mine can alert you that someone is coming towards you from a certain direction. Though, you should know that while this has a lot of utility, it only affects one person who triggers it.


Loadout Drop

This is the modern-day One Man Army from the original Modern Warfare 2 but with a team-based twist. Not only will you get a drop that works just like the killstreak, but your teammates will also be able to make use of this!

Recon Drone

With how fast-paced MW2 is looking, the Recon Drone is best used in the one-life game modes like Prisoner Rescue or Knockout. Players are going to act much more slowly and methodically about their gameplay, so with this field upgrade, you can deploy this without giving out your general location.


If you’re tired of all these gadgets giving away your location, hit your enemies with a DDOS. Electronically fry their equipment for a short duration. Their minimaps and other important devices to help them locate you and your team will be scrambled. It should turn the tide when there’s just way too much helping them get an idea of where you are all the time.


Trophy System

If you can’t stand someone chucking nades and stuns at you, the Trophy System might be just the thing you’re looking for. Of course, it’s another tool to help you when under heavy fire behind cover. In a sustained gunfight between two teams, the trophy systems will eat up any projectile so you can focus on your aim or even counter their possible lack of one! This is a niche pick, but still overall solid.

Tactical Camera

This thing can have its uses, monitoring an area that it’s deployed in. When an enemy comes nearby, the Tac Camera will notify the user of nearby enemies. It just seems a bit more niche of a Field Upgrade. In a game like TDM or Domination, this will be useless since spawns are constantly flipping. However, this will be much more useful in tactical modes.

Inflatable Decoy

This is good for baiting out targets who try to go for melee or takedowns. When the target gets close, you can either remotely detonate it, or go for your own counter takedown. The best part is, they fell for a dummy instead of an actual person! It’s fun to use but just isn’t reliable for other means.


Smoke Airdrop

Deploying smokes has its advantages in some cases, like when trying to play defensively, run away from a fight, or try to take back an area. The Smoke Airdrop can do just that but regenerates too slowly to use reliably.


Anti-Armor Rounds

While the larger game modes are not available to us yet, we cannot determine how useful Anti-Armor Rounds will be. As the name suggests, this will help to turn your normal weapons to be as effective as heavy ordinance. It’ll also help assist in taking down other possibly annoying things like deployable covers.

Since the game is still in beta, things are subject to being balanced for the sake of a healthy multiplayer. As these balance changes happen, we’ll be sure to update you if things become worse or better.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be released on October 27, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on September 22nd, 2022

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