Where to Find Belly Drum TM In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Belly Drum is the key to dominating Tera Raids, but how do you get it?

by Diego Perez

Belly Drum is a must-have move if you want to dominate high-level Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and many players are wondering where to find the TM for this move so they can teach it to their favorite Pokemon. The two Pokemon that Tera Raid players are using Belly Drum with are Azumarill and Iron Hands. With the huge attack boost from Belly Drum, they can deal devastating damage to even 6-Star Tera Raid Pokemon and easily carry a team of underpowered allies. Getting your hands on Belly Drum for a Pokemon like Azumarill that doesn’t learn it naturally can be tricky though.

How to Get the Belly Drum TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Simply put, there is no Belly Drum TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. There are countless TMs scattered throughout the Paldea region containing powerful moves like Thunderbolt and Surf, but there aren’t any for Belly Drum. That’s because only a specific set of Pokemon can even learn the move in the first place.

If you want Belly Drum on Iron Hands or its non-paradox form Hariyama, you can teach them the move just by leveling them up. Hariyama will learn Belly Drum at level 26 and Iron Hands will learn it at level 84. You can make use of the remembering moves feature if your Pokemon are already above that level and do not know Belly Drum.

How to Teach Belly Drum to Azumarill

If you want to get Belly Drum on any of the other Pokemon that can learn it — Azumarill, Slowpoke, Teddiursa, Skwovet, or Eiscue — then you’ll need to use a Mirror Herb to transfer the move from Hariyama or Iron Hands. You can purchase a Mirror Herb from any Delibird Presents location for 30,000 Poke Dollars.


Once you have a Mirror Herb, give it to the desired Pokemon — Azumarill in this case — to hold. Then, remove any Pokemon from your party besides Azumarill and a Hariyama or Iron Hands that knows Belly Drum already. Next, delete a move from Azumarill’s arsenal so it only knows three attacks, freeing up a space for Belly Drum. Finally, just open a picnic with the two Pokemon and wait a few seconds. Belly Drum will transfer to Azumarill just like that!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 30th, 2022

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