Where to Find Concentrated Primal Infusion in WoW Dragonflight

Craft the best Dragonflight has to offer

by Tom Cunliffe
Crafting with Primal Infusion WoW Dragonflight
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To obtain the best crafted Gear and Weapons in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, you’ll need to get your hands on Concentrated Primal Infusion, which is easier said than done. This guide covers every way to obtain a Concentrated Primal Infusion, how you can assemble your own, and what these elusive reagents are used for.

What is Concentrated Primal Infusion in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight?

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Concentrated Primal Infusion is an optional Crafting Reagent in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Crafters can use them to upgrade the Item Level of any Epic Gear or Weapon to a maximum of 418, which is currently the highest possible iLevel for any crafted equipment. The finished product’s Item Level will depend on the crafter’s current skill level and the finished product’s Quality.

  • Quality 1 — 408
  • Quality 2 — 410
  • Quality 3 — 412
  • Quality 4 — 415
  • Quality 5 — 418

Concentrated Primal Infusion is consumed upon use and increases the Difficulty of the Recipe by 50, so ensure your Crafting skills are up to par or the crafter you hire chose their Crafting Specializations carefully. You will also need at least one Spark of Ingenuity to craft your item, which you can obtain through the Challenge of Tyr questline.

How to Obtain Concentrated Primal Infusion in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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Concentrated Primal Infusion can be looted from bosses in Mythic Dragonflight Raids, Mythic Plus Dungeon chests at +16 difficulty or above, and 2400+ Rated PvP Boxes. If the highest endgame content Dragonflight has to offer isn’t your forté, don’t worry. Concentrated Primal Infusion can also be created by combining 10 Primal Focus and 100 Primal Chaos.

Primal Focus is also an optional Crafting Reagent, which can be used to upgrade Crafted Gear or Weapons to a maximum of 405 Item Level. These can be obtained from Heroic Raid bosses, PvP Rated boxes, and +11–15 difficulty Mythic+ Dungeons. You’ll also receive a Primal Focus from maxing out the Renown of any of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight’s four major factions.

Primal Chaos is obtained through killing bosses in Dungeons and Raids of any difficulty, as well as World Bosses. It can also be a reward for completing World Quests, opening Treasure, or as a PvP Chest. You’ll likely have procured enough Primal Chaos from playing the game regularly, much like the monthly Trading Post challenges.

Players looking for more ways to improve their DPS, healing, or survivability — especially those that keep losing their Tier drops to other Hunter in the guild — can now use the Revival Catalyst to transform their Epic Gear into Set Pieces.

Unfortunately, crafted gear cannot be transformed using Revival Catalyst Charges, so we highly recommend using your newly obtained Concentrated Primal Focus on something with no Tier Piece equivalent, such as a Weapon.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is available exclusively for PC via Battle.net.

- This article was updated on February 15th, 2023