All Team Star Teams and Weaknesses in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Learn how to defeat Team Star's toughest opponents in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet!

by Marc Magrini

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet feature a new enemy team for players to face off against. Team Star is particularly special when compared to other antagonistic forces in previous games, mainly thanks to their unique styles of battle. The bosses even have their own special Pokémon that are completely inaccessible to the player. Trying to defeat these trainers is no easy feat, even for players that know what to expect from their allies. That’s why it’s important to take note of all Pokémon teams used by Team Star, as well as all the weaknesses players can exploit.

All Pokémon Teams Used by Team Star and What Their Weaknesses Are in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Every fight against Team Star is split into four segments. A preliminary match grants access to the base, giving players an idea of what to expect inside. Players must then storm the base, using the Let’s Go feature to take out various Pokémon used by Team Star. After that, they fight against the base’s boss. Each boss uses a special Revavroom designated as a Starmobile with altered typing, moves, and stats. Outside of the Starmobile, they also have an “ace” Pokémon just like Gym Leaders and Elite Four members. Unlike those two groups, they will never Terastallize their Pokémon, giving players a great idea of what to expect from the start. Finally, after beating the game’s story, each Team Star boss can be fought in a rematch that excludes the Starmobile. Every Pokémon in this rematch is level 65 with the exception of each boss’s ace at level 66.

Storming each base is extremely simple, as you just need to use Pokémon with moves strong against each crew’s main type. Bring some Fighting-type Pokémon for the Dark crew, some Water-type Pokémon for the Fire crew, and so on. However, each major fight — excluding the final boss and the tutorial battles that introduce Terastallization — will be included here! Based on the best order to complete Starfall Street, here are the main trainer battles to keep in mind:

Segin Squad — Giacomo


Preliminary Fight: Murkrow (Lv. 19)

Boss Battle: Pawniard (Lv. 21), Segin Starmobile (Lv. 20, Dark-type)

Post-Game: Cacturne, Honchkrow, Mabosstiff, Krookodile, Kingambit

For the first member of Team Star you’re meant to fight, Giacomo covers a lot of bases. While Fighting-types are usually the best choice for Dark-types, the preliminary fight is up against a Murkrow. You’ll need to be sure you don’t get caught off-guard by your Pokémon being weak to Flying-type moves. By now, however, you should already have access to the Electric/Fighting-type Pawmo. This cute creature can break through almost all of the Dark crew’s Pokémon by itself. The Starmobile’s Intimidate ability might hinder your performance a bit, but if you partner Pawmo up with a Riolu or even Lucario, your victory is practically guaranteed.

In the post-game rematch, Giacomo will have better counters to Fighting-type Pokémon thanks to Honchkrow and Krookodile. Even so, evolving Pawmo into Pawmot will let it tear the entire team apart with little issue. You might also want to bring a speedy Fairy-type like Scream Tail or Iron Valiant, since both Krookodile and Mabosstiff have Intimidate. Switch out your Pokémon when you can and you’ll still have few issues taking out Giacomo at his strongest!

Schedar Squad — Mela


Preliminary Fight: Houndour (Lv. 25)

Boss Battle: Torkoal (Lv. 27), Schedar Starmobile (Lv. 26, Fire-type)

Post-Game: Torkoal, Coalossal, Houndoom, Arcanine, Armarouge

Surprisingly, Mela’s fight is actually very easy to deal with. Just get your hands on a Water-type like Finizen or a Ground-type like Diglett or Dugtrio and you’ll extinguish her entire team. The same can be said for her post-game battle as almost none of her Pokémon have a good answer to either of those types. Evolve Finizen into Palafin and you’ll be able to take her down with the same two Pokémon you met her with. Even with the Starmobile’s Speed Boost and Armarouge’s Energy Ball, Mela’s Pokémon have the easiest weaknesses to exploit in all teams used by Team Star.

Navi Squad — Atticus


Preliminary Fight: Gulpin (Lv. 30), Shroodle (Lv. 31)

Boss Battle: Skuntank (Lv. 32), Muk (Lv. 32), Revavroom (Lv. 33), Navi Starmobile (Lv. 32, Poison-type)

Post-Game: Skuntank, Muk, Dragalge, Toxapex, Revavroom

At this point, you almost certainly have access to Dugtrio. That’s pretty much everything you need for every single fight against Team Star’s Poison crew. The only Pokémon to keep in mind is Toxapex in the post-game rematch, as it’s very defensive and has access to some super-effective attacks. You might be able to outdo its defenses with a Substitute/Swords Dance combo, but you could also bring out Pawmot or a Bellibolt to take it out with Electric-type moves.

Also, be sure you can take out the Starmobile quickly in your first fight against Atticus, as it will spread Toxic Debris each time it’s hit. It shouldn’t matter too much since you’re nearly finished with the fight anyway, but keep yourself from getting overconfident! One wrong move and a Starmobile can still run down your team faster than a speeding truck.

Ruchbah Squad — Ortega


Preliminary Fight: Morgrem (Lv. 48), Hattrem (Lv. 49)

Boss Battle: Azumarill (Lv. 50), Wigglytuff (Lv. 50), Dachsbun (Lv. 51), Ruchbah Starmobile (Lv. 50, Fairy-type)

Post-Game: Klefki, Azumarill, Wigglytuff, Hatterene, Dachsbun

Even outside of level and team size, Ortega is quite formidable when compared to previous members of Team Star. Steel and Poison-type moves will work well against all of his Pokémon, but he’ll be able to counter them fairly effectively with his Dachsbun in the first fight against him. In the rematch, his Klefki and Hatterene can take care of Poison-types while his Azumarill, Wigglytuff, and Dachsbun can deal some big damage to Steel-types. Trying to find the most effective counters might prove difficult, especially if you take the preliminary fight into account.

If you’re willing to fill up a few different Pokémon slots, you’ll have an easier time if you use Grafaiai and Klefki. In the preliminary fight, Hattrem is weak to Dark-type moves, so teaching Knock Off or Foul Play to these three Pokémon will prove surprisingly effective. Grafaiai can handle Dachsbun thanks to its Speed and Klefki can act as very effective support once those two are down. For the rematch, consider bringing along a Salazzle as well. It will be able to take down Ortega’s Klefki without issue, allowing your other two allies to wipe out the rest of his team easily. Just watch out for his Starmobile, as it’s very well-suited for inflicting Confusion!

Caph Squad — Eri


Preliminary Fight: Croagunk (Lv. 54), Primeape (Lv. 55)

Boss Battle: Toxicroak (Lv. 55), Passimian (Lv. 55), Lucario (Lv. 55), Annihilape (Lv. 56), Caph Starmobile (Lv. 56)

Post-Game: Primeape, Toxicroak, Passimian, Lucario, Annihilape

Eri’s teams are possibly the strongest in all of Team Star, but their weaknesses can be exploited just like the rest. A fast Flying-type will make short work of anything Eri has, so just bring along a Staraptor and whip out as many Wing Attacks and Brave Birds as you can. Acrobatics is also a fantastic choice if you don’t want to use a held item, and it can prevent recoil damage from Brave Bird if you’re concerned about your HP.

Once again, just be extremely careful when it comes to the Starmobile. With the Stamina ability and Shift Gear as one of its moves, inefficient battling can turn this thing into a monster. If this ends up being a problem, try using a Pokémon with great Defense and good Special Attack like Slowbro. Despite its low Speed, one good hit from its Psychic move will take down the Starmobile without trouble — especially if it manages to get an extra boost from Nasty Plot.

You might have to switch up your team as you play through the game if you want to take out every member of Team Star effectively. That being said, you’ll always be able to fight them at your own pace. You could fight Eri first and Mela last if you prefer, or you could simply wait until your entire team is at level 80. But if you prefer to challenge yourself, these tips should still prove to be very useful in providing fair-yet-tough fights. Exploit the weaknesses of all teams used by Team Star and you’ll be facing down their true leader before long!

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are Nintendo Switch exclusives.

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