Best Defiant Weapons in Destiny 2

Hail, Queensguard.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 Season of Defiance is here and with it comes a table of Defiant weapons. Lightfall has a lot of great PvE weapons, and since all six Defiant weapons are craftable, the list of great weapons to get in Destiny 2 has gotten even longer.

All Destiny 2 Defiant Weapons Ranked, Worst to Best

  • Raconteur Kinetic Stasis Bow
  • Caretaker Power Solar Sword
  • Royal Executioner Energy Solar Fusion Rifle
  • Prodigal Return Energy Arc Grenade Launcher
  • Perpetualis Kinetic Strand Auto Rifle
  • Regnant Void Power Grenade Launcher

The race is tight with many Defiant weapon’s ranking being very debatable since all these weapons are great, but the worst Defiant weapon is Raconteur, especially since we got the Verglas Curve Exotic Bow. If you want to rock a different Exotic but still have a solid Stasis Bow, Raconteur has some great perks and is still a solid choice.

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Caretaker is next on the list because Swords aren’t in the meta, but it does have some great perks. If you’re playing an up close and personal best Solar Titan build type, Caretaker with Incandescent isn’t a bad option.

Royal Executioner is next on the list and it is a pretty solid Fusion Rifle. Running a Royal Executioner with Envious Assassin and Incandescent can be extremely deadly and places it higher than Caretaker as it is more reliable and consistent.

Prodigal Return is slightly higher than Royal Executioner just because Grenade Launchers seem to be the meta this season. A Prodigal Return with Voltshot or Demolitionist is just as deadly if not a bit more so than Royal Executioner.

Perpetualis is one of the first Strand weapons we’ve ever received and it is really great. Every shot will apply Sever which will overwhelm enemies with damage and eventually Unravel them. On top of that, the perks for Perpetualis are pretty great. Hatchling is a new perk that is good with Perpetualis, but in general, the best Strand Fragments make Perpetualis shine.

The best Defiant weapon is Regnant because Grenade Launcher got a big buff and the God Roll is really incredible. Repulsor Brace and Destabilizing Rounds is a match made in heaven because you’ll constantly be clearing the room with Void explosions and be getting a Void Overshield because of it. If you had to focus on any weapon this season, it should be the Regnant God Roll.

How to Farm Defiant Weapons in Destiny 2

The best way to get and farm Defiant weapons in Destiny 2 is to play the Defiant Battlegrounds activity, get Defiant Keys and use them at the end of activities, and unlock the best upgrades at the War Table to focus Defiant Engrams into the weapons you want.

Since all six Defiant weapons are craftable, your goal is to get at least five red border weapons of the Defiant weapons you want. By extracting the patterns, you’ll eventually be able to craft your perfect Defiant weapon God Roll.

- This article was updated on March 15th, 2023

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