Fire Emblem Engage: Best Emblem Ring Pairings for Each Character

Drive rings around your opponents with these Emblem Ring choices

by Tom Cunliffe
Fire Emblem Engage Marth and Alear Emblem Pairing
Image via Nintendo, Intelligent Systems

Choosing the correct Emblem Ring for each of your Units in Fire Emblem Engage can be a challenging task, especially with so many choices. The best characters in the game can become unstoppable forces when paired with the greatest Emblems. This guide covers the best Emblems for each recruitable character in FE: Engage.

Best Emblem Rings for Each Unit in Fire Emblem Engage

Below are our recommendations for the best Emblem Rings to pair with every character in the game. These choices were decided based on how Units are best utilized, though specific builds and situations may call for an Emblem not listed below.

CharacterBest Emblem Ring
VanderLeif or Sigurd
ClanneMicaiah or Celica
FrammeCorrin, Roy, Micaiah, or Leif
BoucheronMarth or Roy
EtieLyn or Sigurd
CelineCelica for Tome use, Marth or Roy for Sword use
LouisLeif, Ike, or Sigurd (mobility)
ChloeSigurd, Marth, or Byleth
PandreoCelica or Micaiah
BunetIke or Leif
TimerraLeif, Ike, or Roy
MerrinEirika or Lyn
PanetteSigurd or Ike
AmberSigurd or Leif
SaphirLeif or Roy
IvyMicaiah, Celica, or Edelgard
KagetsuMarth or Lyn
RosadoEirika or Ike
GoldmaryLeif or Ike
VeyleCorrin or Celica

Sat Bonuses, Specialities, and Synergies

Image via Nintendo, Intelligent Systems

When deciding which Emblem Ring to pair with a character, it’s essential to look at what synergies that Emblem provides for your Unit. Ideally, you’ll either want to buff their strengths or improve upon their weaknesses.

If your Unit of choice lacks good movement, you may want to pair them with Sigurd. Perhaps your Unit is highly vulnerable to archers and could benefit from Edelgard’s Bow Guard Skill. Look carefully at the Skills offered by each Emblem and pair them with how you personally use your Units.

Weapon Weaknesses can also be countered by choosing specific Emblems. For example, if a Sword user is struggling on a Chapter against Lance units, you should pair them with an Emblem that allows them to utilize Axes.

If you’re playing Fire Emblem Engage on Classic mode, you will find Roy useful for weaker Units (or the character you plan to marry). His Hold Out Skill allows a Unit to avoid death as long as they are above at least 2 HP, allowing you to heal up and get to safety.

Tiki is fantastic for leveling up Units, as her Synchro Skill increases stat growth. Remember, you can always change the Emblem Ring a Unit holds at any time before entering a battle.

Fire Emblem Engage is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023