How to Play Hogwarts Legacy Co-Op Multiplayer

Better together.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Warner Bros. Games

Do you remember those school days when you’re friend was absent for some reason, and the whole day, you had nobody to talk to and just ended up missing them all day? That’s like how it is in Hogwarts Legacy with co-op and multiplayer. If you want to know how to fly brooms with friends in Hogwarts Legacy, here’s what you need to know.

Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Co-Op Multiplayer?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy/Warner Bros. Games

Currently, Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player-only title. While it is entertaining to learn new spells like Wingardium Leviosa, track down magical beasts in the Forbidden Forest, and solve puzzles around the school, all of that would definitely be more enjoyable with a friend.

Unfortunately, for now, Hogwarts Legacy does not feature co-op multiplayer in any form. It only offers PvE combat, but it would be fun to see a future competitive mode or a cooperative multiplayer experience. Imagine challenging your friend to a duel in the Dark Arts battle arena or soaring the skies of the Highlands side-by-side on your brooms.

As is the case for Quidditch, we hope that Hogwarts Legacy gets a co-op multiplayer DLC or free update sometime in the future. Although Avalanche Software has stated that no downloadable content is currently planned for Hogwarts Legacy, the sheer popularity of the game may encourage them to change their minds.

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As was the case with Skyrim and the Skyrim Together mod, a dedicated team is currently working on a multiplayer mod by the name of HogWarp, which allows players to experience Hogwarts Legacy together online.

In conclusion, Hogwarts Legacy is, unfortunately, only a single-player game for now, but we can always hold hope that the game’s success will inspire Avalanche Software to have a change of heart. For now, let’s just enjoy what we have.

- This article was updated on February 19th, 2023