How to Unlock Every Title in Diablo 4

Craft the perfect title with this complete list of every Title in Diablo 4.

Two Necromancers in Diablo 4 with Titles above their head. One is 'Salty Mess,' and the other is 'Mother's Goat'
Image: Blizzard Entertainment / Attack of the Fanboy

Diablo 4 has more customization options than ever before, with one of the most extensive being the new and improved Title system. This guide details every Title in Diablo 4 and how to earn them, including Title Prefixes and Suffixes that aren’t listed in-game — like the titles tied to getting a real-life tattoo if the KFC-exclusive weapons weren’t enough for you.

How to Unlock Every Title Prefix and Suffix in Diablo 4

Table of Contents:

The majority of Titles in Diablo 4 are earned through completing in-game Challenges. Below is a table of every Prefix and Suffix Title and how to earn them. We’ve separated promotional and class-specific Titles into separate tables found further down the page.

Prefix TitleSuffix TitleSource
ResourcefulSalvagerSalvage a common, magic, rare, and legendary item.
ApprenticeArmorerUpgrade a piece of armor.
IronSmithUpgrade a weapon.
DiligentMinerCollect 500 Iron Ore and 175 Silver Ore.
ArdentHerbalistCollect 250 Gallowvine and 75 other uncommon and common herbs.
CuttingSkinnerCollect 250 Rawhide and 100 Superior Leather.
FerociousTrackerGather 100 of each Monster Part.
NoviceJewelerUpgrade a piece of Jewelry.
PreparedHarvesterCollect every common, uncommon, and rare crafting material.
LegendaryScavengerGather all legendary crafting materials.
ThoroughFloristGather an Angelbreath and a Fiend Rose.
CrystallineBlessingExtract an Aspect Crystal from a legendary item.
EssentialPowerImprint and item at the Occultist with an Aspect.
PotentialAlchemistUpgrade your Healing Potion.
FragrantPerfumerCraft an incense.
BubblyBrewerCraft an elixir.
AromaticSageCraft every type of incense.
ConsummateBrewmasterCraft every type of elixir.
DrunkenApothecaryFully upgrade your Healing Potion.
DistilledMysteryComplete a Nightmare Dungeon under the effects of any elixir.
LiminalVaporComplete a Nightmare Dungeon under the effects of any incense.
CleverTinkerAdd a socket to any item.
BlueAdventurerEquip a Magic or higher quality item in every slot.
AmberWayfarerEquip a Rare or higher quality item in every slot.
LegendaryHeroEquip a Legendary or higher quality item in every slot.
HastyCombatantKill 15 monsters within 3 seconds.
QuickKillerKill 3 elite monsters within 30 seconds.
AgileDelverComplete a Dungeon within 2 minutes.
CovetousThiefPick up 1,500 gold within 30 seconds.
MurmuringGamblerCollect 100,000 Obols.
RenaissanceGuardianReach Level 100 with every class.
FleetFoeKill 30 monsters within 5 seconds.
BelligerentRavagerKill 45 monsters within 8 seconds.
AvidHunterKill one of each wildlife.
PeerlessExemplarUnlock 100 paragon nodes.
ExaltedParagonFully upgrade a paragon glyph.
RuinousVandalDestroy 50 objects within 60 seconds.
FracturedRansackerCollect all Legendary Aspects in Fractured Peaks.
GlenMenaceCollect all Legendary Aspects in Scosglen.
DryDungeoneerCollect all Legendary Aspects in Dry Steppes.
DesertDredgerCollect all Legendary Aspects in Kehjistan.
MarshMarauderCollect all Legendary Aspects in Hawezar.
HallowedIconoclastComplete the Cathedral of Light.
FallenSinnerComplete the Fallen Temple.
FoolishCollectorPick up 100 Cinders in Helltide areas.
TidalTycoonPick up 500 Cinders in Helltide areas.
HellishBaronPick up 1000 Cinders in Helltide areas.
AccomplishedCohortReach Level 50 with every class in Hardcore Mode.
EmbattledExplorerCompleted a Sacred Nightmare Dungeon in Hardcore Mode.
TormentedPhantomComplete an Ancestral Nightmare Dungeon in Hardcore Mode.
GiantSacrificeComplete a Silent Offering in Hardcore Mode.
CrimsonConnoisseurPick up 100 Cinders in Helltide zones in Hardcore Mode.
MurderousRatGet 1 PvP kill in Hardcore Mode.
MaliciousVillainGet 5 PvP kills in Hardcore Mode.
SweatyMurdererGet 10 PvP kills in Hardcore Mode.
VainVictorKill Astaroth in Hardcore Mode.
AnguishedAssailantKill Andariel in Hardcore Mode.
PainedProtectorKill Duriel in Hardcore Mode.
SuccubusSupplanterKill Lilith in Hardcore Mode.
WorldlyChallengerKill a World Boss in Hardcore Mode.
CompleteConquerorKill every World Boss in Hardcore Mode.
CharnelChefKill The Butcher in Hardcore Mode.
BrashBraggartReach Level 25 in Hardcore Mode.
DauntlessHeroReach Level 50 in Hardcore Mode.
TemperedChampionReach Level 50 in Hardcore Mode.
BoldBelieverUnlock 2 Legendary Paragon Nodes in Hardcore Mode.
DirtyBanditKill 1000 Bandits.
MadBrigandKill 5000 Bandits.
CallousBlackguardKill 10,000 Bandits.
HungryBruteKill 1000 Cannibals.
RavenousGluttonKill 5000 Cannibals.
InsatiableButcherKill 10,000 Cannibals.
DevotedAcolyteKill 1000 Cultists.
DarkZealotKill 5000 Cultists.
ProfaneHereticKill 10,000 Cultists.
LittleImpKill 1000 Fallen.
WickedDevilKill 5000 Fallen.
CacklingFiendKill 10,000 Fallen.
SteadfastSlayerKill 1000 Demons.
FaithfulExorcistKill 5000 Demons.
SanctifiedHoradrimKill 10,000 Demons.
RustedWretchKill 1000 Drowned.
SaltyMarinerKill 5000 Drowned.
DrownedPirateKill 10,000 Drowned.
LonelyEchoKill 1000 Ghosts.
VengefulGhostKill 5000 Ghosts.
TorturedWraithKill 10,000 Ghosts.
FoulGoatKill 1000 Goatmen.
VileShamanKill 5000 Goatmen.
HornedAbominationKill 10,000 Goatmen.
BraveSquireKill 1000 Knights.
RighteousKnightKill 5000 Knights.
VictoriousCommanderKill 10,000 Knights.
GraveBreakerKill 1000 Skeletons.
GrimUndertakerKill 5000 Skeletons.
LaughingSkullKill 10,000 Skeletons.
SlinkingCharmerKill 1000 Snakes.
WindingStrikerKill 5000 Snakes.
FangedScourgeKill 10,000 Snakes.
StampingBootsKill 1000 Spiders.
SilkenSpiderKill 5000 Spiders.
VenomousNemesisKill 10,000 Spiders.
NocturnalCreatureKill 1000 Vampires.
AshenAristocratKill 5000 Vampires.
BloodsoakedImmortalKill 10,000 Vampires.
DoggedStalkerKill 1000 Werewolves.
ViciousClawKill 5000 Werewolves.
SilverBaneKill 10,000 Werewolves.
RisenFearKill 1000 Zombies.
ShamblingDreadKill 5000 Zombies.
NecroticHorrorKill 10,000 Zombies.
TerrifyingTeamComplete a Sacred Nightmare Dungeon while in a party.
ApexComradeComplete an Ancestral Nightmare Dungeon while in a party.
VitreousBandDefeat Lilith while in a party.
WhisperingChorusComplete a Whisper while in a party.
UnbrokenArmorerPick up 100 Cinders in Helltide areas while in a party.
EventfulCoordinatorComplete a World Event while in a party.
IntenseVanquisherComplete a Legion Event while in a party.
BossyBrigadierDefeat a World Boss while in a party.
SharpUnderdogGet 1 PvP kill.
SerialPredatorGet 25 PvP kills.
UnflaggingCutthroatGet 100 PvP kills.
EquestrianOpportunistUnlock access to mounts.
UnholyNightmareKill an extremely rare monster.
LuckyCommonerClaim an Altar of Lilith.
SeasonedDrifterConquer 1 Stronghold.
LethalLoutComplete a World Event with Mastery.
JourneyedKindredVisit each region in Sanctuary.
EquippedJockeyAcquire Mount Armor and a Trophy.
CrushingDominanceKill a World Boss.
TitanTopplerKill every World Boss.
HolyTerrorKill 10 different extremely rare monsters.
MercilessPursuerKill every extremely rare monster.
ApprenticeTravelerComplete a Whisper.
BewitchingReaperComplete every type of Whisper.
BitterMercyComplete a Silent Offering for the Tree of Whispers.
CommittedAspirantComplete 25 Silent Offerings.
DedicatedDevoteeComplete 100 Silent Offerings.
BejeweledBountyRetrieve each type of cache from the Tree of Whispers.
WilySeekerClaim all Altars of Lilith in one region.
TreasureHoarderClaim all Altars of Lilith.
BarrelingSurveyorConquer a Stronghold in each region.
ScarredShieldComplete all Strongholds.
TimelessTyrantComplete 100 World Events with Mastery.
LocalLegendComplete 300 World Events with Mastery.
UpstartFoolComplete a Legion Event.
TraveledShepardComplete a Legion Event in each region.
TheBearComplete all Ally of the Bear Tribe quests.
PaleHarbingerComplete the ‘To Walk a Dark Path’ questline.
HonoredChieftanReach Level 50 as a Barbarian.
ParagonBarbarianUnlock 2 Legendary Paragon nodes as a Barbarian.
SacredElderReach level 50 as a Druid.
ParagonDruidUnlock 2 Legendary Paragon nodes as a Druid.
AnointedDeathspeakerReach level 50 as a Necromancer.
ParagonNecromancerUnlock 2 Legendary Paragon nodes as a Necromancer.
SightlessSpectreReach level 50 as a Rogue.
ParagonRogueUnlock 2 Legendary Paragon nodes as a Rogue.
TranscendedMasterReach level 50 as a Sorcerer.
ParagonSorcererUnlock 2 Legendary Paragon nodes as a Sorcerer.

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All Barbarian Titles in Diablo 4

These Titles can only be earned while playing a Barbarian but can be used by any character once unlocked. There are a few titles you will have to put some practice in for in this section. One such title is the “Brutal Dancer” where you will have to replicate a certain combo. Along with that, the title related to going Berserk a lot of times will just take a while but isn’t too difficult.

Prefix TitleSuffix TitleSource
UnfetteredRageGo Berserk 200 times.
BellowingVoiceUse Shouts 500 times.
BloodyMessKill 30 Vulnerable enemies in 10 seconds.
OverwhelmingExecutionerKill 150 Stunned enemies with Overpowered attacks.
MeticulousArmouryKill an enemy with a 2-hand Bludgeoning, a 2-hand Slashing, and a 1-hand weapon in 10 seconds.
BrutalDancerKill an Elite enemy with a 2-hand Bludgeoning, a 2-hand Slashing, and a 1-hand weapon in 10 seconds.
FuriousRuinSpend 130 Fury in 5 seconds.
RendingCleaverUse Death Blow 20 times within 10 seconds.

All Druid Titles in Diablo 4

These Titles can only be earned while playing a Druid but can be used by any character once unlocked.

Prefix TitleSuffix TitleSource
StoneSundererKill 20 enemies with Critical Strikes in 10 seconds.
VoltaicDestroyerKill 200 Vulnerable enemies with Lightning Storm.
RampagingBeastKill 250 enemies with Overpower strikes while in Werebear form.
RabidHoundKill 200 enemies infected with Rabies while in Werebear form.
NaturalWarriorPick up 100 Druidic Spirit Offerings.
EnlightenedSpiritComplete all Passive trees.
HowlingTempestKill 500 enemies with Tornadoes in a Dungeon as a Druid.
ShiftyChangelingTransform 150 times without going back to human form.

All Necromancer Titles in Diablo 4

These Titles can only be earned while playing a Necromancer but can be used by any character once unlocked.

Prefix TitleSuffix TitleSource
SanguineVitalityPick up 100 Blood Orbs in 20 seconds.
BrittleDesolationKill 150 Vulnerable enemies with Critical Strikes.
RottenOnslaughtKill 400 enemies with Corpse Explosion.
WitheringCurseKill 20 enemies with Shadow damage in 30 seconds.
PallidLegionGet 150 kills with each minion type.
DireLordGet 5 kills with each minion type in a single dungeon.
ShatteredRaptureMaintain Bonestorm for 20 seconds.
CarrionEaterConsume 30 Corpses in 30 seconds.

All Rogue Titles in Diablo 4

These Titles can only be earned while playing a Rogue but can be used by any character once unlocked. I love the way that Rogue feels to play, one extremely enjoyable title to gain is the “Unseen Maestro” which relates to you killing 100 enemies with attacks from when you are in Stealth.

Prefix TitleSuffix TitleSource
SteelyDeadeyeKill 300 enemies with Critical Strikes from ranged attacks.
CunningAssassinKill 100 enemies with Inner Sight.
MightyMysteryUse your Ultimate 3 times in 60 seconds.
NefariousTricksterKill 300 enemies with Traps.
ImbuedScoundrelKill 10 enemies with each Imbue within 30 seconds.
UnseenMaestroKill 100 enemies with attacks from Stealth.
FormlessFugitiveComplete a Nightmare Dungeon without taking damage.

All Sorcerer Titles in Diablo 4

These Titles can only be earned while playing a Sorcerer but can be used by any character once unlocked. A title list wouldn’t be complete without at least some “Frost” involved, undeniably there are many who enjoy adding the word Frost to their title, myself included. With the Sorcerer titles, you can do just that.

Prefix TitleSuffix TitleSource
PyroManiacKill 200 enemies with Fire damage in a single dungeon.
FrostWitchFreeze 500 enemies.
DazzlingConductorKill 15 enemies with Ball Lightning in 5 seconds.
DistractedConjurerGet 200 kills with Conjurations.
HermeticEnchanterEquip a Skill in every Enchantment slot.
TwistedSpellbinderKill 150 enemies with Enchantments.
ElementalCatastropheKill 250 Frozen enemies with Fire damage, and 250 Frozen enemies with Lightning damage
VoraciousFirestarterKill 20 enemies with each Element in 30 seconds.

All Feat of Strength Titles in Diablo 4

Titles under the Feat of Strength category are obtained through promotions or completing incredibly difficult Challenges. Mother’s Inked‘ is a fantastic example of this that we absolutely love — players tattooed (in real life) through the Hell’s Ink promotion were given codes for this exclusive Title and a few in-game goodies. Totally worth it.

Prefix TitleSuffix TitleSource
N/ACasualtyEnter Kyovoshad during Open Beta or Early Access. (No longer available).
N/AVoyagerAchieved Level 20 during Open Beta or Early Access. (No longer available).
Mother’sInkedDiablo Hell’s Ink promotion. (No longer available).
AnxiousInitiateComplete a Tier 5 Nightmare Dungeon.
FrightfulScoutComplete a Tier 10 Nightmare Dungeon.
DauntingStrangerComplete a Tier 15 Nightmare Dungeon.
Cold-BloodedApprenticeComplete a Tier 20 Nightmare Dungeon.
AlarmingVenturerComplete a Tier 25 Nightmare Dungeon.
FrighteningFortune-HunterComplete a Tier 30 Nightmare Dungeon.
ChillingWandererComplete a Tier 35 Nightmare Dungeon.
HorrifyingMasterComplete a Tier 40 Nightmare Dungeon.
NightmareGrandmasterComplete a Tier 45 Nightmare Dungeon.
Lilith’sDoomComplete a Tier 50 Nightmare Dungeon.

How to Equip Titles in Diablo 4

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

To equip a Title in Diablo 4, open your Inventory and select Profile. From here, select Edit and choose both a Prefix and Suffix. Your Title appears underneath your name in the open world for all players to see, so be creative!

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Now that you know how to unlock all of the titles, you can go collect them and easily equip them thanks to this process.

This guide was written while playing Diablo IV on Xbox Series X and PC.

- This article was updated on July 14th, 2023

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