Hogwarts Legacy New Player Guide: 10 Best Beginner Tips and Tricks

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Did you pick up your copy of Hogwarts Legacy and want to know the ten best beginner tips and tricks? Hogwarts Legacy is a fantastic game that will transport you into the Wizarding World universe to experience Harry Potter as you’ve never seen before. It is an open-world RPG game, which means it is incredibly in-depth. This can be overwhelming because you don’t know where to start, how to do specific things, and if you are missing essential steps right from the start of the game. Don’t worry, though, because we have everything you need to know before creating and naming your witch or wizard. Here are the ten best Beginner tips and tricks for Hogwarts Legacy that will make your experience more magical.

Best Beginner Tips and Tricks for Hogwarts Legacy

Here the 10 best tips and tricks you should know before starting Hogwarts Legacy.

10. Don’t Forget About Merlin Trials


You will begin the game with limited inventory space, which is easy to fill during your adventures. You can unlock additional space by completing Merlin Trials, like the one in the Forbidden Forest. Plus, they are a lot of fun to solve, so there’s that!

9. Always Have Potions and Combat Plants


Combat in Hogwarts Legacy is highly fluid and can be very challenging depending on the situation you find yourself in. You can make it easier by using potions like the Focus Potion, which will lower the cooldown of your spells. You can also use summon Combat Plants which will attack enemies for you providing you with additional damage.

8. Grow Your Flora


You can purchase the necessary ingredients for potions or grow them using seeds. The great thing about growing flora from seeds is they provide you with a never-ending supply of the essential plants you need, like Mallowsweet. Doing so will save you a lot of trips to the stores in Hogsmeade and a lot of Galleons that you can use for other essential items.

7. Learn How to Use the Transmog System


One of the things that make the Harry Potter universe so unique is whimsical clothing and accessories. This also holds for Hogwarts Legacy. When a piece of gear hits your inventory, you will have its appearance stored forever. This means that right from the start of the game, you can use the appearance of one piece of gear and attach it to another piece that has better stats. So now you can sell your old gear for Galleons and keep your inventory tidy.

6. Spend Time Finding Collectibles


There are a ton of collectibles for you to find in Hogwarts Legacy. Finding them will reward you with a lot of great items. For instance, you can find Demiguise statues to increase the skill level of your Alohamora spell. Field Guide Pages will give you amazing looking gear you can use to transmog. You can also find fun Spellcraft items like a Jack-O-Lantern that you can use to decorate the Room of Requirement.

5. Learn How to Use the Map


The Map in Hogwarts legacy can be used for more than just giving your location. It will also allow you to use the Floo travel points, track the number of collectibles you have found in a given zone, and will allow you to set a secondary waypoint outside of the one used for tracking quests. It is an invaluable tool that you should learn to use right away.

4. Learn How to Make Lots of Galleons


You will need lots of Galleons during your stay at Hogwarts, but coming by them is not so difficult. The easiest way to earn a lot of money is to sell beasts you capture for 150 Galleons each. You will also want to open the eyeball chests for 500 Galleons each. Doing so will make you the wealthiest student ever to attend Hogwarts. As mentioned above, you should also grow your plants, so you are spending Galleons from the shops.

3. Use the Floo Fast Travel Points


Hogwarts Legacy has an enormous world for you to explore. Hogwarts Castle can be challenging to traverse during your day-to-day activities. But, there is also a vast open world area for you to explore that would take you hours to walk. So, save yourself time and frustration by discovering and using Floo fast travel points. They don’t cost you anything and have a rapid transition screen, so they are worth taking.

2. Complete House and Wand Quizzes Before Starting

Image: Warner Bros

The two most important things to Potterheads are being sorted into their house and finding the perfect wand. Lucky for you, you can do both and have it imported into the game automatically. All you have to do is take the Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw house sorting quiz on the Wizarding World website. After that, you can take the wand quiz to find the perfect one. Once done, you need to link your accounts together.

If you want to be sorted in-game by the Sorting Hat instead, you can still choose which house you want to be in by answering these questions. The same goes for choosing your wand in-game. You have the option to pick the components of your wand. For instance, if you want to wield Harry Potter’s or the Elder wand, you can do so.

As of now, Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have the Patronus spell, so your quiz results won’t be imported into the game. However, it is the number one most requested topic by players, so it should be added in the future. If you want to take the Patronus test on Wizarding World, you can get epic types like the Dragon.

1. Don’t Neglect the Main Story Quests


This is probably the essential advice any Potterhead would tell you. It would be best if you progressed the main story quests to unlock the important and fun aspects of the game. This includes spells, the ability to ride brooms, the Room of Requirement, and much more. You will be doing yourself a disservice by not progressing the game. Don’t worry. You will still have time to complete those side quests and find all those collectibles.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

- This article was updated on February 10th, 2023