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The Surge 2 Guide: The CREO Employee’s Handbook

Everything you need to know to survive the quarantine in Jericho City.

by Brandon Adams


The world of The Surge 2 is a dangerous place for a trainee, but this CREO Employee’s Handbook will ensure your continued survival. Mostly.

Welcome to our The Surge 2 guide. Within these pages you will find all sorts of general advice that will help you best the enemies standing between you and rescuing your fellow Flight-221 crash survivor, Athena. The game has a handful of tutorials, but they can be easy to miss in the heat of things. Forgot how to dismember your enemies? There is a guide for that. Howabout the fact you have a freaking flashlight? Yep, got a guide to square you away. You will doubtless have many questions concerning the nuances of The Surge 2, and this guide is designed to help you become a better, more efficient killer.

Within you will find tips and tricks for every system in the game, as well as boss guides to help you overcome The Surge 2’s most vicious of foes. Figuring out combat timing and rhythm will be something you need to do on your own, but these guides will ensure Jericho City doesn’t become your grave. Welcome to CREO, trainee.

General Guides

How to Turn on Gear Lights

How to Increase Power

How to Heal and Use Injectables

How to Use the Drone

How to Change Weapons

How to Get Schematics

How to Craft Equipment

How to Upgrade Weapons and Gear

How to Get New Weapons

Combat Guides

How to Target Body Parts, Cut off Limbs

How to Do Combos and Charged Attacks

How to Fight Shielded Enemies

How to Block, Directional Block & Counter

How to Backstab


Item Guides

How to Unlock The EMP-44 Starfish

How to Get the Force Hook

Boss Guides

How to Beat Warden Garcia

How to Beat Little Johnny

How to Beat Brother Eli (1st Fight)

How to Beat Captain Cervantes

How to Beat The Delver

How to Beat Major General Ezra Shields

How to Beat the Delver Echo Alpha

How to Beat Brother Eli (2nd)

How to Beat Delver Echo Gamma

How to Beat Matriarch Celeste

How to Beat H.A.R.O.L.D.

How to Beat Goddess Helena

How to Beat the Final Boss: Archangel Eli


- This article was updated on:September 25th, 2019

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