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The Outer Worlds: New Hire Guides and Walkthroughs Hub

Get a leg up over the competition with these resources.

by Brandon Adams


Welcome to Halcyon, new employee! The Board rewards hard work, loyalty, and dedication. Perform well and you may even earn an extra ten minute break once every few months. This guides and walkthroughs hub will help you maximize your performance; there is nothing better than earning high marks in your annual performance review, so use these to exceed your peers and earn yourself a promotion.

Listed below is a collection of all the guides and walkthroughs you’ll need to survive The Outer Worlds and be the best worker the Board has ever seen. They are categorized by story walkthroughs, specialized guides, and general guides, so be sure to read them if you wish to pass your next workplace exam.



Stranger in a Strange Land

Comes Now the Power

Passage to Anywhere Part 1

Passage to Anywhere Part 2

Long Distance

The Demolished Woman

Radio Free Monarch Part 1

Radio Free Monarch Part 2

Radio Free Monarch Part 3


The City and the Stars

Kept Secret But Not Forgotten

Brave New World (Save Phineas)

Brave New World (Save Akande)

Weapons From the Void


Specialized Guides

Character Creation





How to Increase Skills Past 50

Damage Types

How to Make Money

How to Get All Companions

How to Change Companion Loadout

How to Revive Companions

How To Repair Weapons & Armor

How To Upgrade Weapons & Armor

How To Mod Weapons & Armor


General Guides

How to Save

How to Respec

How to Block and Parry

How to Remove Helmet

How to Use Hologram “Holographic Shroud”

How to Get Reed’s Key

How to Use Consumables

How to Eat

How to Heal

How to Hack Terminals

How to Lockpick

How to Pickpocket

How to Store Items

How to Switch Weapons

How to Holster Weapon, Put Away Gun

How to Sleep

How to Fast Travel

Stay tuned to this guides and walkthroughs hub for any future The Outer Worlds updates.

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